About the Karle Medical Group

Karle Medical Group is a highly respected family medical practice delivering exemplary medical care to Rochester Hills & surrounding communities. Our medical staff of seven caregivers is comprised of four outstanding physicians and three excellent nurse practitioners.

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Karle Medical is proud of our long standing medical service to the Rochester Hills area and look forward to helping you with all of your medical needs.

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Dr. Christine L. Karle

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the finest medical care available. We are deeply committed to the belief that the finest medical care begins with their engagement with a Primary Care practice such as ours. We believe that our highest calling is to providing as optimal of patient outcomes as possible. We have established treatment regimens at Karle Medical Group for our patient’s common health problems in conjunction with the best-known available treatment plans or options.

Patient Centric Medical Care

At Karle Medical Group, we strive to place the patient at the center of the healthcare process. We call this Patient Centric Medical Care. It means that we’re focused on ensuring that our patients care is efficiently delivered and timely. One aspect of efficient and timely healthcare is that we consider it critical to remain involved in the patient’s healthcare experiences outside of our office. We have established excellent communications and reporting practices with our specialist partners and testing centers. Furthermore, we know that those same specialists and testing centers are delivering their services efficiently and in a comfortable environment.

The Karle Medical Group has been selected by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). A patient-centered medical home is a care team, led by a primary care physician, which focuses on each patient’s health goals and needs, and coordinates that patient’s care across all health settings. Patients receive the right care in the right setting, and physicians are compensated for the additional time and effort required to manage their patients’ care. Designation as a PCMH has required proactive efforts on our part in order to evaluate and evolve our practice design to ensure that we’re providing patient-centered services. Furthermore, the designation is quite exclusive. Only a small percentage of doctors in metro-Detroit and the state of Michigan have achieved such designation. It is unquestionably a designation for which we are very proud.